Upfront and Transparent Pricing

You want a straightforward price and a great paint job on your home or business.

At R&J Painting, Transparent Pricing means there aren’t any hidden costs or surprise fees when you choose us for your project. —we will always stick to our agreements, and will keep everything upfront and transparent. At the same time, every project is unique.  It would be a disservice to you if we provided you with a quote without first looking at your property.

Factors, such as the number of stories, ease of access and whether or not ceilings, walls and trim are to be included, can affect the overall price.

We’ve put together a basic pricing guide for our most popular services, to give you a starting point when estimating the cost of your project.  Once you contact us for an estimate, we can go over your details and once we have seen your project, we will then provide you with a written estimate.

Please contact us for a quick and painless estimate!