Why We Like Using Electrostatic Painting


Electrostatic coating is a manufacturing process that employs charged particles to more efficiently paint a workpiece. Paint, in the form of either powdered particles or atomized liquid, is initially projected towards a conductive workpiece using normal spraying methods, and is then accelerated toward the work piece by a powerful electrostatic charge. Once sprayed onto the building, the coating leaves a thin film of electrostatically bonded paint on the surface of the part.

Electrostatic painting reduces overspray-

Little to no paint is lost as overspray, which can save you a good amount of money. The same magnetic attraction that reduces overspray also helps with an even coverage. All the paint particles have a positive charge. These like charges cause the particles to repel one another when sprayed onto the surface. Because of this, the paint spreads out evenly.

Electrostatic coatings can protect your surfaces from damage-

Painting not only adds appeal, but it also serves as a protective coating. Whenever chemical reactions between your building and environmental factors occur, corrosion can be the result. There are various types of corrosion, and some of them are predictable. That is where we can help.  R & J Painting LLC has the correct tools, sprayers, and knowledge to protect your facility.
While it is impossible to completely eliminate the onset of rust and other forms of corrosion it can be controlled, and we can help with reducing its rate of appearance. One of the ways this can be done is electrostatic spray painting.

Electrostatic painting is an environmentally friendly process-

Overspray is reduced because electrostatic paint and the surface to be painted have opposite electrical charges. Because of this, the amount of paint particles that are emitted into the air is reduced also. Electrostatic spray painting is a way to save money, weatherproof your facility, and be environmentally friendly.

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